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Removing a Criminal Record for Immigration Purposes

There are many immigrants in Canada who must go through a lengthy process in order to receive their Canadian citizenship.  One of the obstacles that can get in the way of obtaining your Canadian citizenship is if you have a criminal record.  Sometimes, when people come to Canada from another country they are not aware…


Canada Record Suspensions – Removing A Criminal Record For Travel

Each day we receive hundreds of thank you letters from people across Canada whom we have helped to obtain a Canada Record Suspension (formerly known as Canada Pardon). The Canadian government changed the rules about Pardons in March 2012 and one of the changes was the name from Pardons to Record Suspension but the affect…

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Canada Record Suspensions – The Freedom of Removing a Criminal Record

Each week we help hundreds of people to obtain Canada Record Suspensions (formerly knows as Pardons) so that the person can move forward in their life without the negative consequences of having a criminal record in Canada. The experience of getting a criminal record in Canada can be very traumatic and have lasting effects.  The…